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Why Southern Ontario Professionals Choose CDN Technologies
For Managed IT Services

Business Owners & Executives

Peace of Mind

Predictable IT Costs

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Clear IT Plan

Operations & Office Managers

Get Your Day Back

Stay Secure & Compliant

Know Everything is Handled

Support For All Employees

CTOs, CIOs, & IT Managers

Focus On Your Specialties

Use Enterprise-Level Tools

Rest Easy On Vacation

Work Together On Complex Issues

A Few Fun Stats About Our Work

  • Our longest client relationship is 25 years (and counting!)
  • We once solved a problem in 10 minutes (that the previous IT company had struggled with for almost a year!)
  • In a given month, we stop 1000’s of viruses, malware infections and phishing attempts on behalf of our clients
  • We have worked all over the world, from our Oakville Ontario Canada office
  • When we resolve an issue for our clients, the majority of the time they weren’t even aware there was a problem in the first place
  • Each member of our team is a graduate of the Disney Institute’s Approach to Quality Service and spends at least 4 hours per month on advanced training

CDN Technologies is the first and only IT company in Canada that is accredited with a CompTIA Security Trustmark+ credential. This means that we follow the NIST cybersecurity framework and we are accredited to work with highly regulated and compliant industries especially those that abide by PCI-DSS, SSAE-16, HIPPA, CMMC, ISO, etc.

The CompTIA Security Trustmark + is a business level credential that is designed to qualify and differentiate organizations that provide exception data and network protection services. This designation identifies CDN Technologies demonstration and commitment to industry level security stands and adheres to all compliance measures. As a holder of this certification, CDN Technologies has undergone an extensive practice review, including examination of methodologies, and management policies by a third party auditor. This process has authenticated CDN Technologies’ ability to prevent data breaches and IT security intrusions in our clients’ networks and systems as well as CDN Technologies.

What Is Outsourced IT Managed Services?

Managed Services is making sure EVERY. SINGLE. DEVICE. AND. TOOL. that you use to run your business can function 100% of the time.

And because you can’t grow your company, serve your clients, strategize your next acquisition, or create your project without them, those computers (and software tools) have one of THE MOST IMPORTANT JOBS IN YOUR COMPANY with some BIG RESPONSIBILITIES to bear.

Get A Better Way To I.T. With CDN Technologies

Have a better workflow

Eliminate costly downtime, chronic problems, slowness, and other computer headaches for a faster workflow.

Be More Profitable

Increase employee productivity by eliminating production bottlenecks and never pay for services or subscriptions you don’t need.

Enjoy Faster Response Times

Direct to tech 24/7- 365 via phone, email and live chat. Your computer issues will be addressed right away, all the time.

Gain Peace of Mind

Get fast, reliable expert advice you can trust, and be completely confident that your network is 100% secured and backed up properly.

your computers must work and they MUST be secure!

Broken, Unsecured Computers Create Massive Inefficiencies, and…

An Inefficient Business Wastes Time And Resources, and…

If You’re Wasting Time, You Have Significant Lost Opportunity Cost, and… If your business is inefficient, well then… (Sorry to be the be the bearer of bad news, but…)

You’re Pretty Much Toast!

If you’ve been scratching your head, wondering:

• How can I make sure my computers actually WORK?

• How can I find an EASIER way for my employees to stay up to date with technology changes?

• How can I have a week (or a month) when I can simply IGNORE my Information Technology?

• How do I ensure my employees don’t accidentally click the wrong thing online and COST me thousands of dollars?

• How can I stay AHEAD of the cyber criminals who might be targeting my company?

• Where can I find a company who can speak plainly to me, so I can understand my company’s needs and make an EDUCATED decision?

YOU NEED TO KNOW THIS… CDN Technologies is the answer
and the solution to everything you’ve been thinking!

So…NO MATTER WHAT…your computers must work and they MUST be secure!

It’s the difference between a relationship where you call your IT support company and hope they fix the problem…while you pay them for every hour they spend TRYING to fix said problem…and a relationship where you KNOW that you’ll never pay extra and that all your problems will be solved – usually before you can tell someone about them.

It’s the feeling you get when you KNOW that you have a team of IT and Cybersecurity experts who watch your back and consider themselves an extension of your team – a team who cares about your computers MORE than you do.

It’s an outsourced IT department for small and medium sized businesses, that do not have an internal IT. Our product is making computer networks run well, securing networks, really anything that has to do with technology across the whole stack from servers to the users, the line of business applications, copiers, phones. The whole technology stack.

It is a way for your company to get huge vast knowledge, an entire IT department and not have to pay for it.

I don’t know about you… but I’ve found that when I’m focused on what I do well (running my business) as opposed to dealing with technology issues, business becomes a whole heckuva A LOT more fun!

(And MANAGED SERVICES can help you do just that.)

Our Clients Hire Us To Support Them For Just One Very
Simple Reason…

The computer systems we maintain, and the cybersecurity services we provide, allow our clients to run their business without interruption!

(ahem… This could be you!)

And I get it… you just want your computers to run right too! (That’s why you’re on this site… right??? Of course right!!!)

Do one or all of these sound like you?

  • You know you need new computers or a new server, but you don’t have time to figure out the complicated quote the local geek sent to you.
  • You can manage the complexities of running a successful business, but you don’t want to manage your computer or your cybersecurity.
  • You have big acquisition plans and you don’t know if your current infrastructure will support the new part of your company.
  • When you try to look for an IT company, you get overwhelmed and don’t really know how to select one.
  • You know that cybersecurity is important, but need a little extra support.
  • Or… quite simply… you know you need technology help but you have no idea where to start

No matter the reason you’re here, if you want your computers to work right and make sure your company is secure, CDN Technologies is the most elite with the best team in
the industry to help you!

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A Few Of The Companies We Work With Include:

Automotive I Canadian Alcohol Industry I Cannabis Licensing, Security And Regulatory Compliance | Staffing & Recruitment Agencies I Industrial Automation Specialists I Accounting Firms & Financial Institutions | Law Firms & Legal Practices I Digital Marketing Agencies I Master Builders I Project Management Companies For Commercial Construction | Transportation & Logistics I Aviation I Factoring I Beauty Bars I Amenities Management Companies I Warehousing Manufacturing I Medical Offices I Engineering, Architectural Construction I Small and Med Sized Businesses | Non Profit | Government

Who The Heck Is Barb P and Where Did She Come From?

(AKA: The Most Approachable IT Gal In the Halton & Peel Region)

How I Became The Most Approachable IT Gal

  • Author of “IT Scams: How To Avoid Being Ripped Off By Your Computer Guy”
  • Has helped more than 2,000 clients keep their computers safe and healthy
  • Barb is the woman people come to when they want technology advice translated into words that successful business owners can act on.
  • Barb has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, City TV, FOX TV and numerous industry-specific podcasts, blogs, and stages.
  • Has been seen with top business leaders Kevin O’Leary, Barbara Corcoran and Daymond John, Chris Voss, Mike Michalowicz, Mike Rowe, Jack Daly, Doug Lipp, Hazel McCallion, Navdeep Bains, Kim Mitchell, Fred Penner, and Humble & Fred.


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Here’s How We Help Our Clients….

• Security Assessments • Network Audits • Managed IT Services • Security Awareness Training • Cyber Security Presentations • Modern Workplace • Intelligent Cloud • Advisory Service • Regulatory Compliance • Vendor Security Questionnaires • Technology Architecture • NIST Alignment

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What we support and secure…

Computers | Servers | Printers | Software | Cloud & Hosted Solutions | Firewalls | End Users | Virtual and hybrid workforce | VPNs | IT Departments | Email | Strategic planning | Backups and disaster planning | Complex networking Multi-location firms | Cyber Security | Office moves | NIST Alignment | Technology Architecture | PCI, HIPPA, CGP Compliance

We’ve Got Just What You Need

Need Help On An Ongoing Basis?

Many clients decide to work with us long-term. If this is what you need, we start by completing a free consultation first, to make sure you absolutely love us (and that we love you.) We’re not a right fit for every company, and we do our best to identify that before committing to each other long term. If we both LOVE each other, we will create a package and pricing for you, to fit your top business goals.

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Need Help Supporting An Existing IT Team Member?

Some of our clients need us to support an existing team member. Even a rock star IT Manager needs a vacation sometimes. Plus what we’ve found is that many IT Managers are brilliant at business strategy, yet they dread tackling the day-to-day printing issues, patches, and security needs of your company’s IT – which is where we shine, as an extension of your existing personnel. Let us know if you’d like us to co-manage your technology needs.

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The CDN Technology Simple 3-Step Method

1.Consult Schedule a free IT and Cybersecurity Consultation to get started. This is where you get to know us, we get to know you, and see what your business goals are. If we are 100% confident that we can help, we have a conversation about what that looks like, and we outline the next steps to get started.

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2.Delivery of strategy guide We’ll deliver an IT roadmap and blueprint that will make sure we meet your productivity and security goals.

3. Focus on your business We’ll implement the IT roadmap and take care of your IT and you will have a one stop shop for your IT Service, IT Support, and IT Security solutions.

Schedule Your 100% Free IT Strategy Session To Discover How We Can Help Keep Your Company Running Smoothly and Securely When We Manage Your IT And Cybersecurity!

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