5 Email Lines that should never be opened

There is always someone in the office that is going to click on a link that unleashes the wrath of the crypto locker virus, or some other virus or malware. What’s most exasperating about it, is that 100% of these disasters and restoration costs could have been completely avoided easily. The only thing worse than losing an hour of work on your computer, is losing days, weeks or an entire client database, financial records, and all of the work that your company has ever produced. So here’s a good list of the most common email links that are clicked that cause the most havoc. Please share this list somewhere in your office where everyone can see it:

Do Not Click on Any Emails with the following Subject lines:

  1. The package could not be delivered by our company's courier..
  2. Thank you for upgrading to our LogMeIn Central Premier plan.
  3. Please confirm the attached invoice
  4. Dear Sir, Attached is our Purchase Order as discussed
  5. [Caller-ID: 589-987-3936] has sent you a 3 pages eFax.