Working Remotely Is Affected By Internet Speed

In this day of 3G and 4G cell phone coverage and many users doing much of their computing using smartphones, remote connection speed is often forgotten.  After all the email, some web surfing and texting that is commonly the work done on smart phones and most tablets the cell connection speed is usually just fine.

Demystifying Cloud Computing In Layman’s Terms

Over the last few blogs I have spent a fair amount of time talking about cloud computing.  This is because it seems to be an area where a large number of business people experience

confusion and have difficulty trying to decide, should they cloud or not? 

As covered in a previous blog most business are already using the cloud in some form or other but have just not seen it labeled that way.

IT Management And Business Evolution

When you live in the world of IT Management, like we do here at CDN Technologies, sometimes you forget where many of the business processes we see each day have come from. 

If I think back and look at what many current business owners and managers may have experienced in their careers I realize that the world we take for granted now is substantially different.

You Can Make Your Email List CASL Compliant

It is less than one week before the new Canadian Anti Spam Legislation, CASL, comes into effect.  Among other things this new act regulates how email and text messaging is used when contacting the public.  The public in this case includes all consumers whether in a consumer or business context.