What I learned from a Shark

So I recently had an opportunity to meet and learn from Shark Tank’s “Mr. Wonderful”, Kevin O’Leary. While he is certainly direct and opinionated, I am happy to report he was also very down to earth and gracious in sharing business insights and time with a room full of IT business people.

How to Protect your Business from Online Banking Scams

It’s not always easy to spot a scam and new ones are invented every day. Banks are aware that users of online banking can experience fraudulent activity due to their computers being infected by malware. **Spoiler Alert** Canadian Banks do not guarantee that they will retrieve your money once a payment is released and if you read your bank agreement it will say that you are liable for your losses.

So your IT Guy left – what’s next

Picture this: Your long-standing IT pro decides it’s finally time to move on and live his dream life as a surfer somewhere off the grid. His dream has become your nightmare because he handled EVERYTHING. What do you do when you’re faced with this dilemma? Do you replace the person, find an IT management partner, or something in between?

Keeping your technology up-to-date, maintaining your IT regularly and securely and giving your staff professional development opportunities and benefits is expensive.

Social media for business development

Regardless of the industry in which you operate, it’s undeniable that social media has become an essential platform for many businesses of all sizes to easily engage and interact with customers and potential customers, as well as boost visibility. But there’s more to social media than market reach and penetration and it can prove to be a powerful tool for driving dynamic business development too.

5 Key Factors for Setting an IT Budget

According to a worldwide survey conducted by CEB, 33% of organization's IT budget is going towards innovation and business opportunity. Not sure how you IT budget should be divvied up? You're not alone in this dilemma. Understanding the following 5 factors can aid in creating your IT budget and allow for a smooth, efficient process:

1. Past Performance

Identifying your existing trends is the first and most important step to creating your IT budget.

5 Signs hardware need to be upgraded

Computers, servers, mobile devices, and more, are constantly seeing hardware and component upgrades being released. From faster processors to new screens, it feels like there are new elements being released on a daily basis. This can make many business owners feel like they must upgrade.

3 IT areas to invest in

Technology is constantly evolving, so much so that it feels like there is a near constant stream of systems and devices being released on a daily basis. This fast-paced development has forced companies and their IT teams to move rapidly with the times. As such, IT as a whole has been basically divided into three main areas, which companies should be investing in.