Security Tip - Use STRONG passwords!

img-strong-passwordsThanks to powerful brute-force-attack software readily available online, hackers can try tens of millions of possible password combinations per second. For example, hacking software can guess a five-character password in under three hours. If you only use lowercase letters, itís 11.9 seconds. You KNOW you need to have a better password than ìpasswordî or ìletmeinî if you have any hope of keeping hackers out of your PC; but what does a ìstrongî password mean? A good password should be at least eight characters long (or longer!) and have a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols that are hard to guess. Donít use dictionary words with proper capitalization because theyíre easy to guess (like Password123#). Even though it meets the requirements we just discussed, itís easily hacked; remember, hackers have sophisticated password-hacking software that will run 24/7/365. If you want a quick tip for remembering your password, use a phrase and insert letters and numbers into it, like $h@KeNb8ke.