IT Network Security |19 Vigilance Questions

Small and medium business IT networks cannot ever take a rest from ensuring that they are set up in a secure manner.

In spite of the benefits that technology brings with increased productivity, better  communication and ease of access to important data you can never forget about the potential that exists for IT network security breaches.

Understanding Break Fix IT Support & Managed IT Service

The trend in IT service for the past several years is a strong growth in Managed IT Service Programs or MSP for short.  What has been behind this growing trend and what does it mean for small and medium sized organizations?

Today's article discusses the significant differences between break fix I.T. support and managed IT services as it is practiced in Mississauga.

Cloud Computing. You Are Already There

 One of the hot topics in IT environments in the past few years has been the move to the cloud for computing services.  Whether it is running your office suite on hosted workstations (Office 365) or using a hosted server in a data centre to run your network you could already be in the cloud.

Heartbleed Bug & Open SSL Vulnerabilities

It's everywhere. On the news, radio, TV, Internet - The HeartBleed.  The HeartBleed bug is a computer internet virus that takes advantage of a defect in OpenSSL security encryption software.

The  OpenSSL security encryption software is the software that displays a padlock in your web browser ensuring that the website you are visiting or  cloud services you are using is safe.

How to work remotely with free hotel WIFI

Many places offer free Wi-Fi for their patrons, and if you are at a place that doesn't chances are you can find the list of available networks nearby on your phone. Having free Wi-Fi is the most popular amenity for hotel guests. Here are some tips so that you can take advantage of being able to convert your tablet, mobile or laptop into your office while enjoying your surroundings wherever you are.

Time’s Up. Replace Windows XP Now.

The Microsoft date for the end of product support for Windows XP is only one week away.  For many IT admins the decision to move all of their hardware from this OS has been a challenge but it is a needed step with the imminent end to security and other updates from Microsoft.