Calculating The Costs Of I.T. Downtime

One of the challenges that is faced by IT administrators when they are fighting for the budget needed to maintain all of the network systems, security protocols and backup systems is quantifying for management the potential losses which will be avoided if the expenditures are made.

IT Support Needs To Be Business Support

There are many functions of a business that need to work together concurrently to keep the business operating smoothly. As a business grows the number of people and departments grows. Over time, problems emerge, redundancies, inefficiencies and information silos can be created.

Five things to know about Office 365

Five things to know about Office 365

If you're trying to decide if Office 365 fits the specific needs of your business or organization, here are five things to know about Microsoft's cloud based version of Office.

What is the difference?

Chances are you're already familiar with the desktop version of Microsoft Office.

Decreasing Business Costs And Risks of IT Failure

IT systems are an integral part of every small and medium sized business.  For many owners and managers they are an area of business that they worry about partially because they don't readily understand the intricacies of computer networks and also because they hear horror stories about the impacts of a system failure.